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The academic session of Naval's National Academy Khajni starts in April every year on the date announced.
Admission to any class will be given only after prior registration and clearance of the pre-admission test by the applicant. Registration for admission opens from Nur to IX in the first week of January.

The dates of the pre-admission tests will be notified at the time of registration. Admission once finally refused cannot be reconsidered at a later date in the same session except by express order of Hon'ble Chairman or the Principal's consultative committee in the absence of the Hon'ble Chairman.
Transfer of a student from one branch to another in the running session will not be allowed except in very compelling circumstances. If such a case arises, it will normally be treated as a case of fresh admission. Power to waive this condition will be only as Chairman.

Admission will take effect from the date on which the completed, admission form filled-up is accepted by the Principal.
the MINIMUM AGE FOR admission to the Nursery class is three year and for higher classes, correspondingly higher as on 1st April of the session.


  • The Fee chart for the session in question, indicating the admission fee, the monthly fee, computer fee, conveyance fee and all other charges may be obtained from the Academy's office.
  • The fee will be collected quarterly between 1st to 10th of April, July, October, and January respectively. If the fee is not paid by the 10th of the said months, a late fee will be charged.
  • The name of the student failing to deposit the school fee even after one month from the due date will be struck off the rolls without any notice.
  • The conveyance fee for twelve months will be collected once in a year in the month of April at the time of admission.